Lake Rotoiti, Bay of Plenty

Lake Rotoiti is a lake in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand.[2] It is the northwesternmost in a chain of lakes formed within the Okataina caldera. The lake is close to the northern shore of its more famous neighbour, Lake Rotorua, and is connected to it via the Ohau Channel. It drains to the Kaituna River, which flows into the Bay of Plenty near Maketu. The name "Rotoiti" means "The little lake" in Maori. The naming of the lake is credited to the Maori explorer Ihenga, who is also said to have discovered Lake Rotorua. Legend says that the lake was named as such because when Ihenga first saw it, he was only able to see a small part of it and so thought the lake was a lot smaller.


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